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Making a payment by manually connecting a bank account
Making a payment by manually connecting a bank account
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Manually Connecting a Bank Account

Manually connecting a bank account allows you to enter your routing details to accept or make a payment without logging into an online bank connection service.

When you manually connect a bank account for the first time, you will receive a $0.01 deposit in your bank account to verify ownership of the account.

This article explains the steps to connect and verify a bank account manually.

1. How to Connect a Bank Account Manually

1) Select 'Bank Transfer' as the payment option and add a new bank account. A connection page will open.

2) Select 'Manual' when prompted about how you want to link your bank account.

3) Enter your routing number.

4) Enter your account number.

5) Enter your name, as listed on the account, and then select the account type (Checking or Savings).

6) Authorize the deposit.

7) Your micro-deposit will arrive in one business day. You will receive an email notification once this happens, so you can complete verifying your bank account.

2. How to Verify a Manually Connected Bank Account

1) Once you receive the micro-deposit in your bank account, you will receive an email notification. You can return to the payment portal by clicking on the link in your email notification or returning to the original payment link.

2) Select the bank account you'd like to verify and click the 'Verify' button

3) Enter the 3-letter code associated with the micro-deposit in your bank account.

6) Enter the code to connect the bank account. This account will be saved for future payments.

7) You’re now ready to complete the payment!

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