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What does my vendor's payment experience look like?
What does my vendor's payment experience look like?

What does it look like for my vendors/subcontractors to accept a payment?

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This is what your vendor/subcontractor will see when accepting a Truss payment:

  1. Your vendors will receive an email notification, where they can click 'Accept Payment'.

  2. Funds can either be promptly deposited into a Truss account, enabling immediate access, or transferred to a designated third-party bank account.

3. After linking a bank account, the withdrawal destination can be selected. After confirming the details, selecting 'Deposit Funds' will authorize the payment.

Want to see it live in action?

Watch this brief video showcasing the payment checkout for your vendors:


  • Vendors withdrawing funds will take one to four business days to deposit into the selected bank account.

  • By having vendors connect a bank account, your company will only be able to send money to vendors' accounts - you will not be able to pull money from their accounts.

  • Vendors are not required to sign up for Truss to accept a payment.

  • Vendors will not be charged for any transactions that they receive.

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