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How do I setup payroll from my Truss account?
How do I setup payroll from my Truss account?

Setup your payroll to automatically withdraw funds from your Truss checking account.

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You can setup your payroll system to automatically withdraw funds from Truss by connecting your Truss checking account.

  • Some payroll systems allow you allow you to connect to your bank account via Plaid.

  • Other payroll systems require bank routing information. Learn how to find your Truss routing information here.

Follow the steps below to setup payroll on your Truss account through QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Gather bank details and principal officer address

a. Get all your banking information ready.

b. Principal officer's address must not be a P.O. Box for legal compliance.

Step 2: Add your Truss checking account in your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online

a. Select 'Settings' and 'Chart of accounts'.

b. Select 'New' to create a new account.

c. Fill in with your account details select 'Save and Close' when complete.

  • Account Type: Bank

  • Name: Truss

  • Detail Type: Checking

  • Select when you want to start tracking finances.

Step 3: Check pending tax payments and payroll transactions

a. Pending Tax Payments:

  • Select 'Taxes' > 'Payroll tax' > then 'Payments' or 'Tax Payments'

b. Pending Payroll Transactions:

  • Select 'Payroll' > 'Employees' > then under 'Run Payroll' click 'Paycheck list'

Step 4: Change your bank account

a. Select 'Settings' and then 'Payroll Settings'.

b. Under 'Bank Accounts', select 'Edit'.

c. Select 'Update' and then 'Add a new bank account'.

d. Search your bank or enter bank details manually.

e. Select 'Accept and Submit'.

Step 5: Verify your bank account (if you connected manually)

Within 2-3 business days, QuickBooks Online Payroll will verify your new account with test transaction.

a. After the test transaction appears on your bank statement, sign into QuickBooks Online.

b. Select 'Payroll' and then 'Overview'.

c. Under the 'TO DO' list find the 'Check your bank account' item and select 'Edit'.

d. Select 'Verify'.

Step 6: Change your bank account in your accounting preferences

a. Select 'Settings' and then 'Payroll settings'.

b. Under 'Accounting' at the bottom, select 'Edit'.

c. Under 'Pay check and payroll tax payments' select 'Edit'. From the 'Bank account' dropdown select the account from Step 2.

d. Select 'Continue' and then 'Done' and 'Done'.

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