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How do I reconcile Truss accounts with my accounting software?
How do I reconcile Truss accounts with my accounting software?
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Reconciling Your Accounts With Your Accounting Software

When adopting any new business accounts, it's important to understand how to easily reconcile these in your accounting software.

Depending on your accounting software, we offer multiple ways to reconcile your transactions.

For Quickbooks Online Users:

With the Quickbooks Online integration in your Truss account, your QBO invoices and bills will be auto-reconciled if paid through Truss.

See more details on how to use these features here

Note: Withdrawals, deposits, or ACH transactions initiated with your Truss routing information will need to be reconciled manually in Quickbooks Online.

For Other Accounting Software:

1) Export transaction data from Truss

Export your monthly cash and card account statements from your Truss account. These can both be found in your dashboard by navigating to Accounts > Statements or Card > Statements and exporting in either .pdf or .csv formats.

2) Import transaction data into accounting software

Import your .pdf or .csv statements into your accounting software. This process may differ slightly depending on which software you use. If you require assistance setting up this process, please reach out to [email protected].

3) Make Adjustments as Necessary

Your bank and card accounts can be reconciled quickly and easily in many cases. However, you may need to make adjustments to ensure everything is accurate. Be sure to account for any deposits or payments not made through your Truss account when reconciling.


Reconciling bank and card accounts is an important part of running a business. For QuickBooks Online users, the process is even simpler due to the Truss integration. No matter your accounting software, you can reconcile your accounts with just a few simple steps.

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