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Using Automated Receivables with Quickbooks Online
Using Automated Receivables with Quickbooks Online
Updated over a week ago

Automated receivables automatically create payment requests in Truss for any unpaid invoices in your Quickbooks Online account. When those requests are paid through Truss, invoices are automatically marked as paid in Quickbooks Online.

How to use Automated Receivables

  1. Create a new invoice in Quickbooks Online.

    (Note: Existing, unpaid invoices will automatically flow into Truss once you set up the integration in your Settings. Set up info available here. Invoices with a due date of more than 60 days ago will not be synced into Truss)

  2. Truss payment request is auto-published to your payment portal

    The Truss payment request will include all the invoice details from your Quickbooks Online account, including an attachment of the invoice itself.

    (Note: Additional attachments added to the Quickbooks Invoice do not currently display in the Truss payment portal).

  3. If a payment cannot automatically sync to the payment portal (e.g. missing contact email address)

    Any payments with requiring missing details will float to the top of your Receivables dashboard and display a red warning icon. These payments will require action before being published to your payment portal.

    Click on these transactions to resolve the issue, and they will automatically sync once the missing information is provided.

  4. Your client pays the request.

  5. The invoice is marked as paid & deposited.

    Once paid, the invoice is marked as "Paid" in Truss and your Quickbooks Online account. It will also show as deposited in your selected GL account.

    A note will be added to the invoice showing "Reconciled by Truss" along with the Truss payment ID.

    Note: If your invoice fails to reconcile automatically, we will notify you. The invoice will still be paid but may need manual intervention to reconcile it in QBO.

What to expect when changing existing invoices or contacts

We understand there are situations when you need to make changes. Below details what to expect in both Quickbooks Online and your Truss dashboard.

  • Changing details or amounts to QBO invoices: Automatically re-syncs the new details in the connected Truss payment request.

  • Deleting or voiding QBO invoices: Cancels the payment request in Truss.

  • Marking an invoice as paid in QBO (e.g. paid outside of Truss): Cancels the payment request in Truss.

  • Canceling a payment in Truss: Cancels the payment request in Truss but will not change the invoice status in QBO. You won't be able to resync this invoice through the integration.

  • Changing a contact email in QBO: Updates the associated contact email in Truss.

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