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How do I import and pay bills from my QuickBooks Online account?
How do I import and pay bills from my QuickBooks Online account?

Connect your QuickBooks Online account and pay your bills directly in Truss.

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Watch our video walk-through:

Step-by-step instructions

Connecting your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account with Truss:

If you haven't done so before, start by connecting your QBO account with your Truss account.

  1. On the Truss dashboard, click 'Payables'.

  2. Click 'Send payment'.

  3. Click 'Bill payment', then click 'Next'.

  4. Select 'Quickbooks Online'.

Setting up a Truss account on your Chart of Accounts:

After connecting your QBO account, you need to add a Chart of Accounts for your Truss bank account in your QuickBooks dashboard.

  1. In QuickBooks, select 'Bookkeeping' then 'Chart of accounts' from the menu.

    Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 10.37.21 AM

  2. Click 'New' to add a new account.

  3. Select the following settings:

    • Account Type: Bank

    • Detail Type: Checking

    • Name: Truss

  4. Choose when to start tracking finances from this account and enter your account balance.

  5. Click 'Save and close'.

Importing and paying bills

  1. After following the previous steps, in the bill section of the payments tab in your Truss dashboard, select your Truss account from the dropdown.

  2. Select the bills you want to pay from the imported list, then in the top right corner, click 'Next'.

  3. Add the missing information or edit the fields necessary. You can pay bills partially by adjusting the 'Amount to pay' field. Click 'Review'.

  4. Review the details and click 'Send payment'.

  5. Your payments are now automatically marked as paid in your QBO account. You can view your paid bills on your Truss dashboard and in your QBO account.

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