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What is a Truss Charge Card, and how does it work?
What is a Truss Charge Card, and how does it work?

Learn more about how Truss Charge Cards work.

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In this quick guide, learn the key features of Truss charge cards to make the most of this financial tool.

1. Automatic Daily Payoff

  • Your Truss charge cards work like Visa credit cards. However, the card balance is automatically paid off at the end of each day.

  • You can not build credit on a Truss charge card.

2. Payment Source: Truss Cash Account

  • Funds to pay off your Truss charge card are deducted from your Truss Cash Account.

  • It will pull from funds from your available balance on your Truss Cash Account.

  • Your spending limit is equivalent to your available balance in your Truss Cash Account.

3. Automatic Card Payment Transactions

  • 'Automatic card payment' transactions in your Cash account represent the automatic settlement of your Truss Charge Card balance.

4. Universal Acceptance

  • Use Truss Charge Cards wherever Visa credit cards are accepted, online or in-person.



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