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How can I send a payment reminder?
How can I send a payment reminder?

Send payment reminders to customers for unpaid payment requests

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You can resend payment request emails to remind your clients about unpaid receivables. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to your unpaid or partially paid payment requests.

    Go to the 'Invoices' tab on your Truss dashboard, select 'Unpaid' and 'Partially paid' from the status drop bar menu, and click 'Done'.

  2. Send payment notification.

    Select the payment from the list you want to send a reminder for. A sidebar will pop up. Click the 'Remind customer' button near the top.

  3. Confirm by clicking 'Send'. Your customer will receive a new payment request through the same channel as the original invoice, either via text message, via email, or both.

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