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How do I request/collect a payment?
How do I request/collect a payment?

Request and collect payments from customers using Truss.

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Before collecting a payment, ensure you have set your payment portal link. To learn more about how to activate your unique link, click here.

Watch our video walk-through:

Step-by-step instructions

  1. On the left side of the Truss dashboard, click 'Invoices'.

  2. On the top right corner of the dashboard, click 'Create invoice'.

  3. Select the customer from the dropdown menu, or click '+ New customer'.

  4. To add a customer, input their name and primary email (mandatory), and optionally a secondary email and phone number if you would like to send invoice notifications to your customer via text. Then click 'Add'.

  5. Fill in the amount that you are want to request, and add a description (will appear on the bank statement). Optionally, you can add a message, an internal memo and add a due date. Then click 'Next'.

  6. Review your payment details. Select whether you would like to send the invoice via email or text message, or select both. When you are satisfied, click 'Send invoice'.

  7. If you want to paste your link somewhere like an email, click the "Payment portal" link, then the 'Copy' button to copy the link. This link will show all of your customer's outstanding and paid invoices and will give them the ability to seamlessly pay your requests in one place.

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