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Exploring your Truss Account
Exploring your Truss Account

Become more familiar with your new Truss account.

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Is my Truss account the same as a regular bank account?

Your Truss account functions similarly to a typical business checking account. Users have the ability to deposit and withdraw funds, send and receive money from others, or use a card for payments.

Does my Truss account have routing numbers?

Yes. When you sign up for Truss, you will be assigned account routing information. You can use your Truss routing information for direct debit payments with other business services. View this article for detailed instructions on how to find your Truss account routing numbers.

How is my Truss account insured?

The banking services in your Truss account are provided by Thread Bank; Member FDIC. FDIC insurance of $2.5M is provided through Thread Bank; Member FDIC.

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