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How can I add, edit, and delete tags for expenses?
How can I add, edit, and delete tags for expenses?

Manage and organize expenses by adding tags.

Updated over a week ago

Adding tags to expenses in your Truss dashboard helps you organize and categorize your spending for better expense management. Follow these simple steps to tag your expenses effectively.

Watch our video walk-through:

Adding tags to an expense:

  1. On the left side of the Truss dashboard, click 'Expenses'.

  2. Choose the specific expense you want to tag.

  3. Under 'Compliance', click 'Tags'.

  4. Select an existing tag from the dropdown menu or create a new one by clicking '+ New Tag', entering a label, and confirming.

  5. Your custom tag is now added to the expense.

  6. Unwanted tags can be removed by clicking on the 'X'.

Editing and deleting tags:

Note: This feature is only available for Admins.

  1. Click on your company logo in the top right corner to enter 'Settings'.

  2. Click on 'Tags'.

  3. You can choose to edit or delete any existing tags created under the 'Actions' column.

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