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Reconciling your Truss Card Account in Quickbooks Online
Reconciling your Truss Card Account in Quickbooks Online

Reconcile your Truss Card account in QBO by uploading your card statement.

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You can reconcile your Truss Card Account by uploading the CSV file of your Truss Card Statement. To do this, you first need to add a new Chart of Accounts in QBO for your Truss Card Account. Here's how:

1. Add a new Chart of Accounts for Truss Cards in QBO

  • Log into Quickbooks Online with your details.

  • Under the Bookkeeping tab, click 'Chart of accounts'.

  • Click 'New' to add a new account.

  • Fill in the fields with the following settings:

    • Account Type: Credit Card

    • Name: Truss Card

    • Detail Type: Credit Card

  • Select the date at which the transactions start.

  • Set the opening balance as zero (or use the starting balance if applicable).

  • Click 'Save and Close'.

2. Download your Truss Card Account statement

  • Login to your Truss dashboard.

  • Navigate to Accounts > Card account > Statements

  • Click on the statement you want to reconcile and click on the 'Download as CSV' button in the top-right corner of the dashboard.

3. Reconciling a Truss Card statement in QBO

3.1 Upload your Truss Cash Account statement

  • Under the Bookkeeping tab, click 'Transactions'.

  • Open the 'Link account' dropdown to select 'Upload from file'.

  • Upload the previously downloaded CSV statement file (see step 2).

  • Select the respective account for the uploaded transactions file (e.g. 'Truss Card').

  • Review the formatting of your data and set the date format to 'mm/dd/yyyy'. When everything looks good, click 'Continue'.

  • Select all transactions you want to import from the list and click 'Continue'.

  • All imported transactions will then show on the 'Truss Card' account under the 'For Review' tab.

3.2 Review & categorize transactions

  • Review all transactions and categorize the 'Vendor' and 'Category' field. You can also select a 'Customer', if the expense is billable to a customer.

    • Hint: For card repayments, select 'Record as credit card payment' and create a rule to automatically match card payments with your Cash account.

  • Once reviewed, confirm each transaction individually or select multiple transactions at once and click 'Confirm'.

  • All confirmed transactions will then show under the 'Categorized' tab.

3.3 Reconcile the account

  • Go to 'Reconcile' under the 'Bookkeeping' tab.

  • Select the 'Truss Card' account from the dropdown. Enter '0.00' as your ending balance and select the ending date of the statement. Click 'Start reconciling'.

  • Ensure that the values equal to zero at the end to ensure it has been balanced properly. You can save this for later or click 'Finish now'. to finalize reconciliation.

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