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What does my customer payment experience look like?
What does my customer payment experience look like?

What does it look like for for my customers to pay a a request?

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Watch our video walk-through:

This is what your clients will see when paying a Truss payment request:

  1. If you checked off the 'Send email notification' checkbox when creating the invoice request, customers will receive an email notification where they can click 'Pay Invoice'.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste your payment portal link into the invoice you send to your clients or send it in any way you wish.

2. Your customers can open the link on their desktop or mobile. They will be brought to their invoice history with you. Upon selecting the invoice to be paid, a new page will appear, detailing the total amount, invoice details, past partial payments made toward the invoice, and a payment summary. Your clients click 'Pay' to proceed.

3. Your customers will first decide whether to pay in part or in full.

4. Your customers can either connect to their bank account to pay for free via ACH bank transfer, or they can choose to pay via credit card. The credit card fee is 3.5%, and can be paid by either the customer or yourself, which is changed through the credit card fee toggle during the invoice creation process.

Your clients can review the details and terms and conditions before finalizing the transaction by clicking the 'Pay' button.

4. Once your client clicks 'Pay', the funds will be available in your Truss account.


  • Customers are not required to sign up for Truss.

  • Customers will not be charged for accepting any payment requests unless explicitly stated next to a specific payment method.

  • Customer payments will be deposited into your accounts the same business day.

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