How do I accept a request for payment?

Received a Truss payment request via email or payment link?

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Step-by-step instructions

  1. In the email request that you received, click 'Pay Invoice'.

  2. Enter the email address where you received the payment request.

  3. Enter the confirmation code that was sent to your email.

  4. Click on the unpaid invoice that you would like to pay.

  5. Select to either pay in full or pay partially.

  6. If paying partially, enter the amount you would like to pay.

  7. Select whether you want to pay with credit card or bank transfer.

  8. Review the payment details, agree to the Terms & Conditions, and, if you are satisfied, click 'Pay' to complete the transaction.


  • You are not required to sign up for Truss.

  • You will not be charged for accepting any payment requests unless explicitly states next to a specific payment method.

  • Your payment will be deposited into the recipient's account the same business day.

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